Developer Sales Gallery Interior Design - Gamuda Land Malaysia
Developer Sales Gallery Interior Design - Gamuda Land Malaysia COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN CONSULTANCY Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia Interior Design | International Designed Design Associates
When Gamuda decided to create a new gallery for their sales branch they turned to one of Southeast Asia's top interior designers, Designed Design Associates. 
Designing a commercial space, or in this case, a sales gallery is unique from designing a residential interior because the aesthetic and feel are intrinsically representative of the product and company. A brick and mortar store is often the first impression of the company that a client will get. The design quality and aesthetic provide an essential first impression that is fundamental for conveying the culture, professionalism, and competency of the company. 
For Gamuda’s Sales Gallery, our designers created a modern, eye-catching design which supports the company’s philosophy by providing comfort, quality, and above all fresh design. Additionally, DDA designers subtly incorporating accents of Gamuda’s striking red color throughout the gallery.
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